3/11 Update - Patch Note

Hero Dark Shaman

Map Ankor Wat

Female Style Items Big Ponytail hair Pink Hair Dye

Male Style Items Wind Swept Hair Pink Hair Dye Alien Eyes Face Purple Pinstripe Boxers

Special Guild Title Changer

Epic Gears Epic Ice Hat Epic Viking Helm Epic Ninja Mask

Treasure Capsule Elec Guitar 30days Justice Defender 30hr Priest's Biretta 10days Captain Hook 2hr Taekwon Master 2hr Justice Defender 10hr Priest's Biretta 2days Musketeer 2hr Upgrade Reset 1 item Lunar Fishing Rod 1 day Lunar Bait 20 items Megaphones 10 items EXP+100% 1 day Peso+40% 1 day

Interface Font change to distinguish capital I from lower case L

Bug Fixes 1. Heroes with Star Undies can now equip them without trouble. 2. Gender bug with female face and male body has been fixed. 3. Upgrade Reset item now refunds 30% of Peso used for the upgrade as should be.

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