1/21 Update - Patch Note


HERO Crazy Sapper Kage Ninja


Epic Gear

SHOP: Style

Female Hair - Wavy Bob Female Undies - Athletic Brown Shorts Set

Male Hair - Bowl Cut Male Face - Serious

SHOP: Gear

Gear Chest Perma Gear Chest


Grim Reaper 30hr Space Trooper 10hr Captain Hook 10hr Taekwon Master 10hr Grim Reaper 10hr Captain Hook 2hr Space Trooper 2hr Upgrade Reset 1 item Lunar Fish Bait 20 items Megaphone 10 items EXP+100% 1 day Peso+40% 1 day


1. Doube Peso Nights: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4-6pm server >Receive 100% bonus Peso reward from battles >Chance of fishing up a [Nuclear Bomb Debris] increases 10 times

2. Facebook Launcher Users >Log in to the game from Facebook by using OGPlanet Games Application >Every week 20 users will be selected for prize

BUG FIXES 1. /time command will now show the server time regardless of a player's location

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